Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hot. Hot. Hot.

It's been very warm here for a couple weeks now. I am not complaining. I like it hot. I can even stand the humidity. I'm not always a fan of the kitchen, but that's off topic.

With clever training from my mother who does not like the heat, I am able to keep the house cool by chasing the sun across the sky all day.

Before I go to be, I leave the front windows of the house (we face East) all open but close the curtains. The evening air gets in and cools the house, but when the sun comes up the greenhouse effect doesn't begin.

By 10 am I have closed up the house except for the very West end. This is to trap all the cool air in, and keep the warm air out. All windows get closed and draped get pulled. This is my special cave ambiance.

By Noon, the sun is overhead. I can open the very East curtains for light. The very West windows get closed as the backyard is now warmer outside than in. The air is only being moved by the ceiling fans.

By 3, the front of the house is now hotter inside than out. It has born the brunt of the sun all day, but now is in the shade. I open the windows and let a breeze in.

By 5, it's time to open all the windows, but keep the curtains pulled shut to keep out the hot light and let just the wind blow through.

At 6:30, the sun has gone behind the trees in the back of the house. All windows and curtains are open. Time to take the dogs out for a walk and let the house cool.

Midnight, I start it all over again.

And you guys wondered what I do all day?
Cooper likes to run.


Lyle said...

oh my sweet little angels... HA

The T-Dude said...

I love that shot with your pooch in shoes. You have the best looking dogs.

Rachel said...

Pye likes to loll on the bed like that.

Rachel said...

Oh - I only face north. So, mostly it's okay, or would be if I didn't live in a brick building that became a pizza oven during the summer.

Silly Billy said...

That is just too much work for me. Just get me an AC.

Cooper is adorable.

Jim said...

We got a/c in the bedrooms. We were using fairly regularly. Then we go the power bill. Now I chase the shade.

Hey, I'm not cheap. I'm eco-friendly!

Carolyn said...

I can relate to the heat issue, but here in Chicago we are a lot less eco-friendly. Turn on the a/c...ozone layer be damned! I bet Al Gore isn't sweating his balls off either...I mean all those stupid energy hogging concerts for Eco awareness raised enough money for...what were those stupid concerts raising money for again??
Plus, life is short in the midwest...we are all going to die of West Nile from all the mosquitos the rain has brought. So, we want to die cool.

Carolyn said...

BTW, I love your dogs. (Look, Rachel! I used a cute internet acronym. OMG!!!)

Rachel said...


Lyle said...

yipee, its cooler today!!! But overcast YUK!! Why can't it just stay 80 and sunny?

The T-Dude said...

Overcast? I'll settle for that after these past week in the Midwest.

Lewis said...

Oh that poor little Cooper. My, what BIG GIANT FEET he has. Hum.