Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vancouver Day 2

Saturday - We got up early (yes, I think 9 am is early) and went downstairs to the coffee shop on the corner that didn't require crossing a street, Triggiano's Caffe. Robb's mum and aunt Diane met us for brunch. We dined at Nu, which used to be Riley Cafe, which used to be Andersons, which used to be... suffice it to say it's in a great location on the water and we seem to go there no matter what they call it. Brunch was gorgeous, as were the people and the view. Compliments of the restaurant, an "amuse bouche" arrived before our meal that was a mini croissant and a tiny mug of hot chocolate. A delicious and lovely touch that I wished I could order as my entire meal.

After, we finally got to see Robb & Lewis's new condo that they are preparing to renovate. I can't wait to see my new summer home in Vancouver when it's completed. We did a very speedy tour of Winner's (the Marshals of the North) and then it was time for Robb's mum to go home and me to get a nap. The funny part of the Winner's tour was it was Robb & I who were aching to get our shop on and his mum only came along reluctantly. Fast forward to 45 minutes later and mum is the only one making a purchase as Robb and I droop there empty handed.
Lewis needs a sever caffeine injection while tries (but fails) to give him the bunny ears.

Instead Lyle and I got coffee downstairs from the condo at the shop across Davie street called Coo Coo Cafe. C'mon, there is coffee on every corner! Literally, EVERY CORNER. IF we had wanted to, there was another coffee shop downstairs across the street to the West, one of a chain called Blenz. There were also two Starbucks within two blocks to the East, one after another, in the same direction.)

Saturday night we went to a friend's house back in Kitsilano and they served dinner on the rooftop deck. It looked like an ad for gracious living in a gay magazine. "Say yes to expensive champagne, you've earned it with your attractive friends," type of ad.
After dinner just the four of us walked to the water (uh, half a block, those dinner friends have a great location) to better view the fireworks over English Bay. The Symphony of Fire lasts for two weeks. The first three nights of competition are solo competitors. The final night is a selection of all three then a grand finale presented by the sponsor. We were there for the finale.

Most people go to the beach early and stake out their prime viewing spot starting around 4 or 5 in the evening for a 10 pm show. We walked down at 9:50, leaned against a fence around a pool until 9:59, then moved forward to the back of the crowd at 10. We were 6 rows from the waterfront. Someone else had brought a radio so we scooted closer to be able to hear the music that went with each performance.
I think we can all agree that firework photos are boring after the show. But since this is my blog, I get to post them anyway. These are my greatest hits. Click on the photo above to see it bigger.

Fireworks take my breath away. My favorite part is the BOOM that pushes your chest in. In my book, the closer to the launch zone the better so you can really feel the boom.

After fireworks, we walked all the way back to the West End of Vancouver. About a 2 miles. I have a theory that I normally adhere to, outdoors is a place you pass through when you get out of your car at valet and have to get into the mall. Walking is what you do between stores. Was this my life this weekend?

We did not go out Saturday night. (close your mouth, it happens.)


Rachel said...

I'm surprised we didn't see a pic of the amuse bouche! But the fireworks are very pretty.

Jim said...

I like to leave a little bit of mystery... ok, I also just get tired of ALWAYS taking photos. Sometimes I just relax and enjoy the moment without planning on sharing it later.

Michael Guy said...

Nice recap; sounds like a good time and great get-away. And "walking is what you do between stores"...that lil' gem I may need embroidered on a pillow. :)