Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have been ill (je suis malade)

Since our return from Vancouver I have had one nasty sore throat.

So bad it was, that I went to my doctor. He took a culture and also gave me some antibiotics. I've been on them for almost a week now and am feeling much better, thank you.

I think it was trying to fit a month's worth of fun into four days. No one can survive that... but wait, maybe I can...

So while the illness is pushed from my system and I have lain low, this song has been stuck in my head.

And though the words are in French, I took the liberty of doing a little translation. I had no idea the words were this harsh!

I do not dream any more
I do not smoke any more
I do not have even any more history
I am alone without you
I am ugly without you
As an orphan in a dormitory
I do not want any more to live my life
My life ceases when you leave
I do not have any more life
And even my bed is transformed into quay of station
When you go... I am sick sick completely
As when my mother left the evening
And that it leaving me only with my despair...

Wow. Remind me to not get that stuck in my head again.


The T-Dude said...

Wow...that's the way I like to start my day, on a high note. What do you have going through your head when you have a full flu, a funeral dirge?

I think I'll go make my 9 year old sing Love Shack by the B-52's. There is no way you can't smile after that.

The T-Dude said...

I meant 6-year old. I wouldn't want my wife to think there was something I hadn't told her!

Rachel said...

Oh my! Have some coffee, with lots of sugar!

Jim said...

Strangely, for a funeral I have a much better soundtrack. Weepy, but not with some celebration of life songs mixed in. For flu? No music. Or if it gets really far gone, there may be some dizzy songs like Saturday morning cartoon themes.

You must know, I just love that Dalida. And I had no idea what the words of the song actually were until I did the translation for this post. I just understood the title.

All that being said, isn't she fabulously over-dramatic?

dan renzi said...


Jim said...

Oh look! My fist comment by a "celebrity" and this is what you had to say?

It actually was some sort of strep throat thingy, but when I asked the doctor how I could have gotten it he told me someone could have sneezed, or coughed or whatever. That it was just "out there". Although normally it is associated with "young people."

"Young People?" I queried.

"Yes, young people," he told me.

"So are you saying I'm YOUNG?"

"No," he patiently explained, "just that this sort of thing is usually associated with young people."

"So YOUNG PEOPLE have been hanging with me?" my voice got higher.

This is when my doctor cut me off, "Well if you need anything else don't hesitate to call," he said as he hung up the phone.

And from his receiver he could probably hear my plaintive cry, "YOUNG PEOPLE!!!!"

Silly Billy said...

Glad you are feeling better. Although, now reading the words to that song have made me sick.

Ahmed said...

If You Don'tMind my Sir this is the Transilantion of the full song:
I don't dream anymore, I don't smoke anymore
I don't even have a history of myself anymore
I am dirty without you, I am ugly without you
I am like an orphan in a dormitory

I don't feel like living my life anymore
My life stops when you leave
I don't have a bed anymore and even my life
Turns into the platform of a train station
When you leave

I am sick (morally), thoroughly sick
Like when my mother used to go out at night
Leaving me alone with my despair

I am perfectly sick
You arrive - one never knows when
You leave again - one never knows where
And it's been nearly two years
That you haven't given a damn

Like on a boulder, like on a sin
I am hooked on you
I am tired, I am exhausted
Of pretending to be happy when they are here

I drink all nights but all the whiskies
Have the same taste to me
And all the boats exhibit your flag
I don't jnow where to go anymore, you are everywhere

I am sick, thoroughly sick
I pour my blood into your body
And I am like a dead bird when you are sleeping

I am sick, thoroughly sick
You have deprived me of all my songs
You have emptied my of all my words
Though I was talented [before your skin - French "avant ta peau", does not mean anything, I have never really understood that phrase but I guess it means "before I came close to your skin"]

That love is killing me and if things keep going
I'll die all alone with myself
Near my radio like a idiotic kid
Listening to my own voice that will sing

I am sick, thoroughly sick
Like when my mother used to go out at night
Leaving me alone with my despair

I am sick, that's it, I am sick
You deprived me of all my songs
You emptied me of all my words
And my heart is thoroughly sick
Surrounded my barricades, can you hear me ? I am sick !

Jim said...

Ahmed, thank you SOOOO MUCH for that! I can't wait to be ill again and sing along now! (it's always better when you know the words)