Thursday, August 30, 2007


you know that guy over there? the one playing with his phone? guess what? its me!

i've stolen the husbands phone while we shit, er, sit on a runway in austin tex-ass.

we were headed to new orleans. weather closed the dallas airport. now its been an hour and they've announced an additional TWO more hours before they consider taking off to go to dallas.

we are now those people you read about in the news. no idea if we will even make it to new orleans tonight. bugger.


Lewis said...

What? A perfectly good summer evening and you're roaming around Tex-ass.....oh my god. Did you take your vaccinations? Maybe you can swing by Crawford. Say hi, would you?

Rachel said...

Ah, crap! Hope you got out okay. I texted you Kathy and Mike's cell number in case you want adults to hang and drink with. I think Kathy wants to run away from for a little while unless it gets too hot.

She liked your blog about spending money in NoLa!

Yay, you!

Anonymous said...

jim hasn't updated. we FINALLY made it. Having a GREAT time.