Friday, August 24, 2007

What's that on your head?

Today on Carolyn's blog she wrote:
I have never seen anyone take advantage of a photo op like Jim. Here is what it must be like to walk down the street with Jim.

Carolyn: "So then this stupid bitch in my Bible study starts to talk about her big old King James and...

Jim: "WAIT!!! There's a huge pyramid of oranges over there! Take my camera!"

Carolyn: "WHY? I was just getting to the part when I opened my jacket to reveal my "Jesus is my Homeboy" t-shirt!"

Jim: "Whatever! If I stand in just the right way, I will totally look like Carmen Miranda!"

I take probably 100 photos A DAY when I am on vacation. Not all of them are things on people's heads. But many are. No one is safe from my critical eye for embarrassing pictures.

Here's how it really happens:

Jim: Ha-ha-ha... that's a funny story. Now just stand over here.

Carolyn: Why? Are they lowering a piano from a crane above?

Jim: No. Don't worry. A little to the left, little more, now stand on your tip toes... (click!)

Again, No one is safe!!!
My dad at Hollywood & Highland with an elephant on his head.

My friend Robb in Shanghai.

My friend Rachel at the Summer Palace in Beijing.

Lyle in Cozumel during Carnival.

It's not always things on heads however. Sometimes, you find yourself driving through Southern Alberta and you see a perfectly good opportunity just waiting for a photo at a rest area. Perhaps it's a rest area that has an exhibit. An exhibit on the natural wonders of history and fossilized bones of creatures that lived many years ago. And it comes to me, as if in a dream, with just the right positioning, and just the right camera angle, I could have the most amazing picture for my photo album. (click on it to see it larger) I promise you, this one is not photoshopped in any way...


Rachel said...

Yup! That's about it.

Carolyn said...

When Brenna and I were in Washington DC on that class trip (I wrote about the horrific plane ride on my blog at one point) we went to a sculpture garden. there was a ginormous sculpture of an old fashioned of the round rolly-type ones with a brush on the end to brush away eraser residue. Anyway, I had Brenna stand under it like she was screaming and I am pulling her away like it is going to roll over us. It turned out so well that I blew it up, framed it, and now it hangs on the wall above the piano. tony is going to try to figure out how to scan it so it may be appearing on my blog soon!!

Carolyn said...

BTW--you would have saved me from the plummeting piano, right??

Rachel said...


Jim said...

There was never any piano. You're just suspicious of me.

Silly Billy said...

That last pic totally looks like it is out of the Land of the Lost.

Love em!

The T-Dude said...

You know, I just saw a story on CNN that said that T. Rex could out run David Beckem. I think you're about to be toast in that picture.

Rachel said...

Yeah, and the T.Rex would just eat the ball, and Beckham, and well, the rest of the teams.

Michael Guy said...

A+++ EXTRA CREATIVE EFFORTS! Gold stars all the way around!

What a hoot! You've inspired me to be a bit more creative with my pictures!

Carolyn said...

Now that I know how to post pictures on my blog I am going to take all kinds of embarassing photos of my friends with things on their heads. But, what are the odds of finding pyramids of fruit and huge sculptures of reptiles? Crap. I better learn how to work the stupid camera now. Gotta go!!

Rachel said...

Everytime I cruise by this particular blog, I think of the B52s and giggle.