Wednesday, August 29, 2007

NYC vs. NoLa

I was thinking about what Rachel said in the comments of the last post. How the city of New Orleans is raising property taxes (and probably giving all sorts of corporations tax breaks to bring them back) to be able to run the city. That the city needs tourists to come and visit and leave lots of money behind.

Remember New York after September 11? It was our patriotic duty to go to Manhattan and spend money. Do your Christmas shopping. Eat at a restaurant. See a Broadway show. The Republicans even held their convention in New York City.

You don't hear any of that regarding New Orleans. You only hear about crime.

I think it has to do with some very manipulative people out there in our government. The tragedy in NYC was "terrorists" and the more people that went and saw ground zero the more fired up we as a nation would be to attack "the enemy".

What if all those people saw what happened in New Orleans? Would they be angry enough to attack "the enemy" of that tragedy?

I think the Republican convention should next be held in New Orleans. I think they should be forced to stay in private homes and see exactly what is going on.


Rachel said...

Yeah. I concur.

The T-Dude said...

Agreed...then maybe we'd see more than 5 black faces at the they drop the delegates off!

Silly Billy said...

Amen brother.

jason said...

I think you've got an idea there.

Lewis said...

Actually, the Dems should have their convention there the same time the Repubs are there! I've never been. Maybe a trip should be planned.
(PS...Burgerville was a blast, as usual.)