Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Orleans

On August 29, 2005 Katrina landed in New Orleans.
This is how it still looked at the harbor one year later.

We love New Orleans. We went for the first time in mid-August about 15 years ago. What were we thinking? MID-AUGUST!? I remember vividly how when you opened the door to the outside the steam would roll into the air conditioned room. Being from a colder climate, I was fascinated to witness the reverse of my entire life's experience.

When we first met our friend Vida, who was from New Orleans, she told us about a party that "you boys" would enjoy that happens in September. She was referring to Southern Decadence. Basically Gay Mardi Gras in September. It took us over ten years to take her up on her suggestion.

Our first Southern Decadence was in 2004. We had such a good time. It's not just the gay Mardi Gras atmosphere, but the city with its shops, restaurants, history and the amazing people we met along the way.

We had our tickets to return for Southern Decadence in 2005. Then along came Katrina.

We missed that year. But we headed back last year.

We decided to support New Orleans with cash. Lots of cash. We ate as much as we could. We drank a lot. We tipped generously. We bought with abandon. We had to pay extra to get our luggage on the plane home. Luckily they only weighed the luggage and not us.

And now another year has gone by. And so we've been starving ourselves for weeks to better fill our gullets with amazing food from The Louisiana Bistro, Coop's Place and Cafe Du Monde.

We arrive Thursday in time for dinner.


Silly Billy said...

Yeah....I love New Orleans too. I was there pre-Katrina and was supposed to go there a month after Katrina, but that obviously did not happen. But I did go down there with Habitat for Humanity last year....a truly awesome experience.

Have a blast. I have a few friends going as well.....Oh the stories I can't wait to hear.

Jim said...

Have I mentioned my parents read this blog? My stories will be slightly tame compared to others I am certain.

But stay tuned for the food reviews!

Rachel said...

Yes, go and have fun! They need the influx of money. I have friends down there who have told me that enough money isn't coming in, so the mayor and city council have decided to raise the property tax. Their property taxes were quadrupled. They would never be able to sell their house for what it's being taxed on. They stood in line for hours with other home owners at the county assessor's office to argue for a cheaper tax. The mayor walked by and she said there was almost a people's revolt.

So - go spend your tourist dollars in New Orleans! Musically, artistically, spiritually, and culturally it is one of the oldest and richest communities in the United States. We need to support it.

Christopher said...

I know this is already a done deal, but I wanna see lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

Cafe du my mouth is watering. I love New Orleans! I'll never forget the ghost tour we took there. Have a great time!

jason said...

Thank you!
and have fun.