Monday, August 13, 2007

In a pickle?

Dear Jim,

Cucumbers! Cucumbers! Cucumbers!
I can't keep up with them anymore!!! I refuse to cut the plants out of the garden. I refuse to open a stand on the side of the road. all my friends have had enough and my husband is sick of taking them to work. WHAT CAN I DO? Signed, In A Pickle

Dear Mrs. Pickles,

Perhaps you could cook them up in some fashion?
From the right, a regular large canning jar containing only a part of one LARGE cucumber. This will be good for hamburgers as I can just slice once and have a pickle piece large enough to cover the entire bun. In the middle is the large Tupperware pickle container which has about 5 cucumbers in it. The final monstrosity on the left is a piece of Tupperware large enough to hold a loaf of bread. All the rest of the cucumber went in there.

I didn't have to locate all the jars of the world because these come from Lyle's refrigerator pickle recipe.

bring to a boil in pot on stove.
1 quart vinegar
3 quarts water
1 cup of salt

Place in container
2-3 pieces of garlic (or more, depending on size of container)
fresh dill (Lyle's measurement, "some". I put half a bunch [store bought measurement] in the jar, a whole bunch in the middle container, and a two bunches in the giant container)

Pour boiling hot liquid into container (I used the baster). Seal container. Bring to room temperature on counter. Refrigerate.

Ready in a week.


Rachel said...

Did you flip the picture, cuz you say the loaf size is on the left, and it's on the right as I view it.

I bet them are some good pickles.

Carolyn said...

I love pickles, which is weird because I hate dill. There's nothing better than a good pickle. can you back me up on that...??

By the way,'s very inconvenient that you live so far away from me. I would like you to come over and show me how to make my blog look as cool as yours. I posted today and it is not as snazzy as your pickle pictures.

Jim said...

What can I say? I could do a whole post n not knowing my left from my right.

As for how my blog looks, I make things pretty for a living. You expect your personal trainer to be fit. You expect a graphic designer with all these tools to have a pretty blog. That being said, its just template. All I add are photos and some wacky text.

Carolyn said...

Well, I think it's brilliant. Knowing your left from your right is over-rated.

Carolyn said...

I now need to know what you do for a living. Interior designer? Food stylist? I checked, it's not in your bio.

Jim said...

Uh, did you see that pickle picture? Not food stylist.

I used to work in Display for Nordstrom. Then I switched to graphic design. Then I did clothing stylist. Then art director. Then, then, then...

I am that great triple threat gay. I can style the photo shoot, retouch the photo shoot and then design the ad.

I suck at hair and make-up, can't arrange flowers and don't have abs of steel.

I can select clothing shoes and accessories for people without them present and have them fit perfectly (but I have to have met them at least once, sorry).

My niece has offered to let me take a photo of her shoe collection and send it to you notes on which pairs I picked out for her.

Rachel can tell you all about the joys of having a personal shopper who brings the clothes to your house for you try on.

Oh, and if I may say so, my house is stunning.

Carolyn said...

You and I would make quite a team! I used to be a professional make-up artist. Worked with the stunning Isabella Rosselini. I am forever telling my friends to just "let me fix that....(eyeshadow, lipliner, bronzer)" I am truly a pain in the ass...except when class reunion time comes around. Then I am popular.

Jim said...

Let me see, who can I name drop to top Isabella Rosselini... nobody. YOU WIN! As close as I can get is Bo Dereck. Slight pain in the ass (would only wear pointy toed shoes during a very round toe season in fashion, and no one was going to see her feet). Also was being interviewed about her Republicanism... very poorly informed on the issues she chose to base her beliefs on. Other than her voting, all her beliefs were Democratic. But she still voted Republican because she thought they did a better job of getting people off welfare. You know, because she was boinking some old rich dude since she was 16 (and had to flee the country to continue to do so) she can really understand the plight of the common man.

Oops. Just got myself started.

You and your make-up skills must also be very popular around Halloween...

Carolyn said...

Well, I must admit that Halloween is a good time to know me as well. Tony (as a little aside) can juggle and do balloon animals. For Brenna's 5th birthday party I rented a clown costume for him and a big red afro wig and did his clown makeup and he was the entertainment. He also did this for Bronte's 5th. For fun I took an extreme close-up of him and sent it (all by itself in an envelope) to his cousin, who is terrified of clowns. She is also afraid of giraffes. Weird.

Jim said...

Tony should have included a Balloon Giraffe...

Rachel said...

Yes! I can attest to the personal shopper skills. Man, I would think you guys would make a mean time. Clothes and make-up! I feel a reality show coming on.