Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

No, that plate of nachos is not a leftover from yesterday's cooking class. It's here to wish my mother Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day mom!

I put up these nachos because I know you always like it when I make nachos for you. I want to remind you how easy they are to make.

Take nacho chips. Don't dump them in the pan, place them in as flat a layer as you can (allowing more cheese per chip!).

Then dump grated cheese over them. This stuff you can dump. More is better. You're not really eating them for the chip are you?

After that, add any leftover meat you have, beef, chicken, pork (I wouldn't do fish, ick.) chopped up and spread around over the cheese. I like to add sliced olives (easiest if you buy them pre-sliced in the can).

If you choose to add tomatoes, chop them up and hold them until the nachos are almost done. Add them in at the last minute to take the chill off them but not to super heat them. If you super heat your tomatoes, you'll have to wait until the cheese is too cold to be able to eat them all together.

Broil your pan of delicious goo. DON'T MICROWAVE. It doesn't take that much longer and it taste vastly better.

Don't forget sour cream for dipping. Again, you're not eating these for the chips.

As a bonus for my dad who is not eating wheat, most likely you've got corn tortilla chips, go for it! Happy Mother's Day dad!

Love, Jim


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I love nachos.

Jim said...

And Nachos love you back!