Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Photo Friday

Today's photos are from Argentina. This one above is representative of the notion that Buenos Aries is the Paris of South America. And there I found the "Petit Paris Cafe". I can't tell you on a map where this is, but I know I could walk there tomorrow (okay next week, it's a long flight to Buenos Aries). This is just off a square we walked through form our hotel on the way to buy cheap leather jackets.

I think the name says it all.

How is it that I can't walk two dogs at the same time and this person has ten? Apparently this is the big thing in Buenos Aries as we saw numerous dog walkers like this. You can see this one has all the same sized large dogs. We saw one with all the same size little dogs. And then there was one that had all the same breed. I admit it, we followed this dog walker until he stopped to drop off a dog. He attached all the other leases to a post in front of an apartment building, slipped out the dog leash for the dog that lived there and took him inside. The dogs on the sidewalk just sat and waited patiently. I think my dogs need an Argentinian dog trainer.


Rachel said...

It's the beef.

Carolyn said...

I also have 2 dogs that I cannot walk at the same time. My dogs are beagles and, therefore, inherantly stupid but you would think that a college educated woman would be able to walk two stupid dogs. No. I would probably pull a Paula Abdul and break my nose while trying not to step on one of them. I think the Argentinian dogs must be drugged, or they are just more suave than American dogs...kind of like Argentinian men. (Suave, that is...not drugged.)