Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May Grey

Everyone knows I don't live in the Northwest. I live in Sunny Southern California! Not so sunny right now.

There is a horrible phenomenon known as "June Gloom" that often bleeds over to "May Grey" (last year I coined a new term, "July, WHY?" let's hope it doesn't do that again this year).

Anyway, it's gross outside. Allegedly it's all just a marine layer that will burn off later in the day. Not so much yesterday. As gorgeous as it can be here in the winter (we had Christmas breakfast outside) this portion of our weather is when we can finally start making all those soups and stews.

And it's not pollution, apparently the native language introduced the first settlers to this area they called the "fog bowl".

All in all, it puts me in a funky mood. Mood today, FUNKY. And it's not the Funky Cold Medina, it's not the Funky Chicken. I'll say it, CRANKY.


Rachel said...

Yeah - I hear ya. I wore sandals all last week in hopes that it would warm up. Gave in and am wearing real shoes this week. :-P

Jim said...

I am ALWAYS carrying my sunglasses.

Rachel said...