Thursday, May 31, 2007

My secret Paris, busted

Cathy totally busted me. After I told her and told her all I had in my little brain regarding Paris, she asked for another restaurant recommendation.

So I had to cough up one more. One I don't usually share. I'm stingy with my favorite things.

So, here is another favorite restaurant in Paris. One that we make it a point to go to every trip.

I didn’t mention it the first time, because, well, I like to keep secrets.

Okay, it’s owned by gay guys. We were sent there by the fellows who own the Chateau des Ormeaux. And like the chateau, though it is owned by gay guys, it is not a GAY restaurant. Below is a "return the favor" advertisement on the bathroom wall at the restaurant for the Chateau des Ormeaux.
All that lead up and then I have to tell you, they don’t speak much English. They often look at me (and only me) funny when I speak French to them.

But the food, oh the food... Oh my god, the food... I’ve got my super waterworks Nora drool on just thinking about it...

The offer a prix-fix menu that keeps the cost more reasonable. And a great wine list (Lyle does the selecting). GET DESSERT. Oh, and don't order your coffee with your dessert. Coffee comes AFTER dessert. Robb will spank you if you order out of sequence.

Looking over their seasonal menus, I realize I have only been there in the Winter and Spring. Because those are the only desserts I recognize...

It’s on a little street and not too prominent. Most likely walkable from your hotel. And when I go to their website, I see they have an additional restaurant that I have never tried.
It means Three Little Pigs. You MUST make reservations in advance if you plan on going. (not like a month in advance, but more than probably that morning in advance.)

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