Friday, May 18, 2007

Random Photo Friday

I don't know if this would be a regular thing, but as I fell asleep last night I thought this could be cool. No purpose. No reason. Just pictures because I like them.

So, this set of three all come from the trip I had to Rio de Janeiro in November 2005.

"Happy Dog" because what dog wouldn't be pleased to be fluffed out like a puffer fish to tour the neighborhood. Also, I love pink!

These coconuts are fresh! Here they are hanging next to a snack shop on the Ipanema Beach. Should you like one, they will slice off the top and put in a straw for you to drink the milk.

This lovely portrait was just random graffiti on the wall. Probably an underpass of some sort. The picture is about 4-5' tall. The graffiti art in Rio was VERY impressive.
I'd like to put this on a T-shirt!

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