Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Horray, Hooray!

Sitting at home today, minding my own business I received a text message from my brother Scott. He was quoting something my dad used to say every May 1st.

It's a little ditty I hope you too will enjoy...

Hooray, hooray, it's the first day of May! For Outdoor Intercourse begins today!

I thought it was some sort of clever old limerick type of legend. But in hunting around on-line, I found many blogs had stories of grandparents and parents who used to call and give them this unique May Day greeting.

Then I stumbled over this article from the newspaper at Western Washington University. (Though they claim Outdoor Intercourse Day is actually May 8th, so there is still time to make your plans!)

Coincidence that this is where I grew up?


Rachel said...

It's got to have been those )(*&(*&)*_) Christians who sing by the all the problems.

Rachel said...

Oops - I mean who sing by the fountain in Red Square.