Friday, May 04, 2007


Today's star is Lola!

On the weekends when the weather cooperates Lyle likes to take the dogs roller-blading. Usually he takes Lola first, Cooper second. Its a crazy scene where both dogs want to go first, first, first! At first Lyle was fair and would take Lola first on Saturday, Cooper first Sunday.

The problem is Lola is a little bitch!

If she doesn't go first, she throws a royal hissy fit!

And this goes on for the entire 45 minutes that Lyle is Rollerblading with Cooper. If you throw her out of the room and close the door, she stands on the other side and wails. There is no escape from her.

Now I hate to be blackmailed, but after the last time, I made a new rule for Rollerblading: LOLA GOES FIRST.

Cooper, though upset to be left behind, is manageable.

The other half of the equation, even after Lola has gone first, she still throws a fit when Cooper leaves with Lyle. We say it's because she knows she has to wait for breakfast until he returns.


Rachel said...

She has officially taken Sophia's place as royalty I think.

Jim said...

Well, she can be royal pain in the ass sometimes...

But I still love her!