Friday, January 04, 2008

I stepped in a Poodle!

Ugh. You'd think being raised in the tropical rainforest of Washington I'd be used to rain. Used to, maybe. Like? Not on your life.

All I've heard about all week is the BIG STORM heading into my world for the weekend. It was supposed to arrive on Friday night. We battened down the hatches, moved everything inside, covered the ponds so they didn't overflow... and then nothing. No rain. A slight mist overnight.

Today still nothing arrived, but it did look ominously gloomy. Then tonight... WOW! It's pissing down buckets. I've had showers that left me drier. The recycle bin was left open after collection today and I had to tip it over before I put it away. It had about a foot of water in it!

And so I'm hunkered down in my pjs tonight, because my jeans got soaked when I ran to Target earlier. And yes, I did have on a jacket. I'm not stupid, you know.

Oh my god, as I was typing this right now, Cooper just peed in the middle of the living room! He hates the rain and hasn't gone outside to pee most of the day. Absolutly no doody has taken place all day. Suddenly the dam burst. Right in the middle of the damn room!

Update: He has been sent outside for all business and all business has been accomplished. The back yard is about 2 inches deep in water. The carpet has been cleaned. Whew.


Carolyn said...

Poor Cooper! It's bad enough to have to pee outside, but imagine having to do it in the rain. At least Cooper isn't sneaky about it. Peeing in front of you in the middle of the room is like saying, "How would you like to pee in a puddle, big guy?"

Jim said...

He is so funny. It wasn't with malice. He was playing in the middle of the room when, while still playing and chewing on a ball, he just exploded. No leg lift, just a jet of pee.

After I forced him outside into the lake we had for a backyard (seriously about 2 inches deep all over) and he pooped adn peed, he ran like a crazy man back and forth up and down the hallway as if to tell the world "I FEEL BETTER!!!!"

Rachel said...

Aw! Poor Coop!

I hope you guys have a safe drive today.

Lewis said...

Please,'s not like any of us are so sweet that we'll melt in a little rain. I mean, come and visit us here in Portland....we'll show you some rain. Having said that, I was in San Francisco and LA today.....and was terrible!

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