Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank you John Edwards

So the guy I was ready to vote for on February 5th, John Edwards, has dropped out of the running. Let me be perfectly honest, I will blindly vote for any Democrat who runs for President. I'm not a big supporter of the other party. But Between Hilary and Obama I'm not energized. Lest you accuse me of being another white man supporter, that is simply not the case. I have looked over the candidates and selected John Edwards for his commitment to ending poverty and championing the poor. As much as I vote on who supports my big gay life, I also know that there is real and crushing oppression in this country that can not go on.

There is an editorial on Huffington Post that caught my eye and it closes with this
No matter. Edwards did himself, us and the nation proud when he boldly stepped up and tried to shame the shot callers into facing up to their sorry and disgraceful neglect of millions of poor and uninsured Americans. We owe Edwards a profound debt of gratitude for that. Here's a guess. Edwards won't and shouldn't go quietly into the night. We still desperately need his voice and we should do everything we can to make sure that his voice continues to be heard.
So, now who do I follow?


Lewis said...

I'm awfully afraid that we've lost our very best #1 choice for candidates. We could be in trouble.

Rachel said...

We really do need a third strong party - one that makes the other two sit up and behave themselves.

The T-Dude said...

If you haven't had a chance to watch Obama's acceptance speech in South Carolina, I suggest you invest 17 minutes and watch this: