Saturday, January 12, 2008

Up, up and oy vey

Here is my life for the last few days inside the Exhibit hall:

Here is the view the first day we arrive. We were told to be at the booth at 1 pm for first day set up. Apparently, the workers started at 8 am. What you can't see in the picture is the that the booth is not centered on the carpet pad. By the end of the day, when almost all the walls are up, we will make them move the entire booth to the right three inches. In this show, three inches could be a big deal.

End of set up day one. We have the stage up front covered in red carpet. Here's my favorite question and answer I of the day.
Q: Do you know how these stage pieces go together?
A: I'm guessing that you put down the large pieces with the #1 first, then put down #2, 3, 4... and so on until you get to #9 which says #9 top. That one would go at the top. Just like in this diagram you have in your hand.

Day two and all the furniture is waiting to go into the booth. The lighting has also gone in.

This picture is for all you people who liked Wicked the Musical. The power went out to all the overhead lights and the lighting of the booth stopped on green. It looks like someone should come flying down any minute.

Day three and the graphics are on the front walls, the sign is hung overhead. We are waiting for our TV video people to show up.

Opening day. There is supposed to be 4 TV screens on each side. This is as far as they got last night. It's not right, but its okay. For now.

Opening day. In the background is the press mosh waiting for Lyle to turn around... or maybe for the ribbon cutting.
Michelle (from France), jessica, me and Carmen.
(top view)

Carmen, jessica and Michelle
(shoe view)

Second day of show being open and TV screens are finally in place.

jessica causes a commotion at the show.
If you keep the volume on, you hear how loud and deafening the show can get.

All this, and now we tear it down tonight.


Rachel said...

Criminy! You'd think you'd keep it up a little longer!

Carolyn said...

Wow. Really. Wow.

Michael Guy said...

LOVE the pics, Jim!

Might I add here that you and Carmen must have been a tad chilled at the busy porn convention?!

I may have to frame that one...

My life is so boring. But I know, too, that you busted your hiney to make that all look so effortless and perfect.