Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome, welcome, all are welcome...

Two of my bestest friends are off on a globe jaunt. In an effort to stay in touch they have started a blog. I have no idea how much they will post or even how much they want to to share. But I am so excited to be able to follow them as they take a tour without me (really, with me is better, but someone has to sit here and squash the doggie revolution at my house).

I've added their blog link over there on the right hand side: Robb & LewisMe, Robb, Lewis and Lyle in the world's most hideous hotel room in Venice, Italy.

Lyle, Lewis, Robb and me having Gelato in Florence, Italy exactly where my brother Gary told us to.

Me, Lyle, Robb & Lewis in Laguna Beach, California.

All of us are STUNNED that only Lewis bought something at the Prada outlet.


Lewis said...

Anybody who shares a name with me is alright in my book. I'll check it out.

Rachel said...

YAY! It's about time they had a blog!

The T-Dude said...

A Polterguist (sp?) reference in the title?