Monday, January 28, 2008

Miss Washington

Miss Washington 2007, Elyse Umemoto

Miss Washington from a previous year.

Okay, I'll freely admit that I absolutely got sucked into watching that train wreck of a show called "Miss America: Reality Check" just from the commercials featuring Michael Urie telling the ladies, "Stop it, no one waves like that."

So on the heels of investing almost four hours of my precious life to watching these 52 contestants for the Miss America title get a hefty make-over, you can bet I watched the Miss America Pageant that was held Saturday night. Of course through the magic of Tivo I watched it on Sunday.

I did not have a favorite heading in to the competition, but after the final episode of "Reality Check" I had my hopes on Miss Washington. Though I am originally from Washington State, I only chose out of totally selfish reasons. She won me over when she was asked about the "controversial" subject matter of gay marriage. Her answer revealed she was all for it because she knows that love is love and that her family included her mother and stepfather and her father and his partner, her other father. Go Miss Washington!

Then came the full pageant. and I must say that I absolutely grooved to her rendition of Robbie Williams song "Angel". I had extremely high hopes. If only she'd had Kylie Minogue design her dress she'd have had the triple threat of every gay in the universe pulling for her.

Sadly, she came in third, but here is a video clip of her winning the Miss Washington title. She was so happy!


Michael Guy said...

Just why does that crown look so fetching atop your head?!

:: practicing my 'help sick children' speech here ::

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Whenever I see pictures from beauty pageants, I can't help thinking of Drop Dead Gorgeous.

"Hey hey, Miss Penthouse '98, close those legs, I could drive a boat show in there."

Rachel said...

Is it safe to admit here that I've been watching the occasional "Crowned" episode, about the mother and daughter Miss America beauty pageant? I think Elyse should have won on her answer to that question alone!

The T-Dude said...

I missed that show...must have been on opposite Gladiators!

Carolyn said...

Love the crown. If I had a crown I would wear it everyday, wouldn't you? Haven't seen any episodes of "Crowned" because I have been too busy watching Carson telling me "How To Look Good Naked". :-) I bet he's had his fill of naked women!

elyse* said...

What a cheap thrill it was to have been sent several emails proclaiming, You simply must check this out - you're on someone's blog!

My immediate response to this: Dads.. *furrows eyebrows* was it you? (They're notorious for keeping up to speed on the pageant blogs and chatrooms which I abhor and detest.) But lo and behold - it was an unadulterated fan. Wahoo! You made my day. And - in the process - made me feel like a "real life" celeb. Now that's a feeling that money - nor a sparkly new Miss America crown - can buy.

Thanks for the love & attention.

Shine on!

elyse* umemoto
Miss Washington 2007