Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vegas re-tread

Since I finally got the camera to connect, here's a few offerings that I've already written about, but now I have my own pics...

Checked in to Venetian. Here's our room. Remodeled. Immediately rearranged furniture. That chaise at the foot of the bed was in my way. It had to go.

View from the Fashion Show mall back towards the new Pallazzo tower (on left) and the Venetian hotel (on right). WOW, the Palazzo dwarfs the Venetian.

From inside the restaurant Mix. There's the view of the top of THE hotel.
Please note how I framed it so if I choose to later, I can make it say "THE ho" over Lyle's head.

At Mix, the Lobster au Curry on a bed of coconut/jasmine rice.

Vanilla Bean Madeleines with pot au Nutella at Mix.

Breakfast at Bouchon. The bread pudding french toast.

Ground Sirloin stuffed with braised short ribs, fois gras and truffles, the DB New York Hamburger at Daniel Boulud's Brasserie.

After which we felt much akin to M. Creosote.

Lyle joined in on the fun at Spamalot and become a Frenchman who would later fart in my general direction.
Dinner at Emirel's restaurant Delmonico's with the most amazing bottle of wine (and Lyle).


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Carolyn said...

I loved Spam-a-lot. We, however, did not have the option of becoming a part of the scenery here in Chicago.
Love that you re-arranged the furniture immediately.

The T-Dude said...

Did your father smell of elderberry?